The Fall

Fallout 76 has perhaps, one of the best comeback stories in video gaming, as the game was a massive let down when it was first premiered.

But now, it's soaring, with exceptional in-game content and Bethesda has just announced 2022's roadmap of DLC that players will be able to dive into!

One of these DLCs is the Invaders From Beyond DLC and we're going to run over all we know pertaining to it.

Fallout 76 Roadmap Invaders From Beyond DLC: Release Date, UFOs and More

The next year of Fallout 76 is one that fans are eager to jump into, as there's four DLCs that are currently planned to release in the near future.

Futhermore, there's going to be some other changes coming with each DLC, as one would expect out of a major patch.

Releasing sometime in Spring of 2022, the Invaders From Beyond DLC is going to implement aliens into the world of 76 among other content.

Below is a breif rundown of what's going to be within the Invaders From Beyond DLC!

Invaders From Beyond – Spring 2022

Our next patch will be here soon with an all-new seasonal event, Invaders From Beyond. In this map-wide event, players encounter UFO appearances and aliens. Defeat the invaders and destroy their deployed Brainwave Siphons before they complete their ”research”. This patch also brings improvements and changes to Fallout Worlds, including the ability to earn S.C.O.R.E. on daily and weekly challenges, new settings for C.A.M.P. buildings, PvP settings, disabling VATS, and Legendary Perks.

Furthermore, we can assume this game mode will bring other fixes such as balancing issues, glitches and more!