Fallout 76 has been soaring as of late with numerous updates, and the most recent DLC being released for players to jump into.

During the release of the Steel Dawn DLC, players were torn between a certain choice during one of the missions.

We're going to run over the best option for the Over and Out mission!

Fallout 76 Over And Out Choice - Which Is The Best Option?

This is one of the larger missions within the Steel Dawn DLC, as it cultivates all the choices you've made throughout your time, and it's now time to finally decide between the two factions.

So, it's a pretty important choice right, well sorta, there's some technicalities.

During the mission you're going to have to talk to Paladin Rahmani, and during a certain dialogue segment, you'll be presented the following options.

  • I'm loyal to you, Paladin. Let's destroy the transmitter.
  • Knight Shin understands something you don't. I stand with him.
  • I'm not loyal to either of you.

If you're struggling to decide which one to choose, it actually dosen't matter in the grand scheme of things within 76.

No matter what Paladin Rahmani will still go crazy and you'll get the same dialogue and cutscenes!