Fallout 76 has been soaring as of late with numerous updates, and the most recent DLC being released for players to jump into.

One aspect that is massive to Fallout is crafting, and Copper is one of the best materials to use, as it'll be useful when trying to make new weapons, or simply reparing them.

So, we're going to run over where to find Copper within Fallout 76!

Where To Get Cooper In Fallout 76 - Best Copper Farming Locations

Within the land of Appalachia, Copper is one of most sought after resources by players, as noted above, this can be useful for certain weapons and crafting items within the game.

So, it's best if you're up to date with some of the best farming spots for Copper, as you can never really have enough!

Copper isn't a rare material either, it falls under the Uncommon line of items within Fallout 76, so most mining locations will have an abundance of them.

Below is a quick overview of where players will be able to find Copper best during their playthough of 76.

  • Solomon's Pond
  • Abandoned Mine Shaft 2
  • Hornwright Air Purifier Site
  • Landview Lighthouse
  • Blackwater Mine
  • Bolton Greens
  • Sons of Dane Compound