While most of the initial hype surrounding the release of Far Cry 6 has died down, large in part due to other titles releasing, Ubisoft has released the first DLC for the game.

This time around we're going to be taking control of one of the most famous villains' within gaming, in the form of Vass.

Far Cry 6 Insanity DLC: All Memory Link Fast Travel Locations

The Insanity DLC lets players step into the shoes of the crazy Vass and encounter numerous missions as one of the most beloved characters throughout the world of gaming.

However, while the map for this DLC isn't the largest, at first glance it doesn't appear as we'll be able to fast travel around the map.

While in fact, the fast travel System Ubisoft has added is unique, as we'll only be able to travel between certain points.

These Memory Link locations are essentially doors that Vass will be able to enter that will bring him to another location across the map.
In total there's three doors you can use to fast travel and these locations are listed down below.
  • Set 1
    • Citra's Temple
    • Prison
  • Set 2
    • Near the Grenade Launcher challenge
    • Checking Out
  • Set 3
    • Near the Volcano
    • Jungle Safe House