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Ubisoft's Far Cry series is one that is known for weapons that range from simple rifles, to crazy ones such as the new disc launcher.

But, there isn't any problem with using a trusty weapons' such as the M16 and we're going to run over where to find one in Far Cry 6.

Where To Find The M16 In Far Cry 6

The M16 is one of the most recognizable weapons in gaming, as the three-round burst gun has been in nearly every FPS over the year's, and is a fan-favorite to say the least.

With this said, it does make an appearance in Far Cry 6, but one of the strongest versions will be called Camo Quinceanera. Which is essentially a high-powered variant for the weapon.

If you're looking to find the Camo Quinceanera, then you're going to partake in a Treasure Hunt which is located in a city called Yarabi.

Here's an image of where you'll be able to find this.

You'll need to complete this hunt in order to obtain the weapon, and once you do, it'll be a nice weapon to have within your arsenal.