Time for a scavenger hunt!

Far Cry 6 offers players an endless amount of items to find all around the world. But, throughout the game, you're more than likely going to want to find some of the industrial circuits.

These materials are highly valuable for crafting within the game, and we're going to run over where you can easily find them.

Where to find industrial circuits in Far Cry 6

The industrial circuits are used as a component in crafting some of the best weapon's within Far Cry 6, as you're going to need them to complete some of these recipes.

So, you're more than likely going to want to acquire as many as you can, as who doesn't love having better weapons.

There's various methods in order to obtain some of these industrial circuits within Far Cry 6, and you've more than likely snagged some without even noticing during your playthrough.

Here's a brief rundown of where you'll be able to find some of these circuits.

  • Lola
    • You'll be able to purchase them via Lola at certain camps with using some of your Moneda
  • Mission Rewards
    • This is where we meant you've probably obtained these industrial circuits, as they're mission rewards for certain quests
  • Meat
    • Yes meat, you can sell Alpha Meat to merhcants who will take this meat in exchange for industrial circuits