FIFA has perhaps been the pinnacle of sporting titles over the last decade, with the iconic series capturing the majority of the world, a new iteration is on the way.

FIFA 23 is on the way very soon, and some of the best features of FUT are returning once again.

This includes the legendary FUT Hero's cards, and there's already been a decent bit revealed, and now new leaked ones have arised.

FIFA 23 FUT Heroes: All Revealed and Leaked Players Coming This Year

FUT Hero's are essentially buffed cards for legendary players at a given time which EA roll out throughout the year, and early on within the games cycle, they're some of the best cards to use.

They're returning once again in FIFA 23, and EA have already revealed some of the ones coming as a part of the pre-order bonuses,

These are:

  • Yaya Toure - World Cup Edition
  • Berbatov - World Cup Edition
  • Zabaleta - World Cup Edition
  • Ivca Olic - World Cup Edition
  • Park Ji-Sung - World Cup Edition
  • Ricardo Carvalho - World Cup Edition

However, while these Legends are nice, a new leak by the post of FUTZONEFIFA has noted that there's an abundance of new Legends coming to the game.

  • Diego Forlan
  • Yaya Toure
  • Claudio Marchisio
  • Landon Donovan
  • Dirk Kuyt
  • Juninho
  • Lucio
  • Ledley King
  • Peter Crouch
  • Jean-Pierre Papin
  • Sidney Govou
  • Rafael Marquez
  • Tomas Brolin
  • Park Ji-sung
  • Ricardo Carvalho
  • Harry Kewell
  • Saeed Al-Owairan
  • Atsuto Uchida
  • Joan Capdevila
  • Diego Simeone

While this list isn't confirmed, this would aling with the World Cup featured sets they're going to be rolling out this year, so we'll hvae to wait and see for now.

FIFA 23 FUT Heroes X Marvel

Along with the regular FUT Heroes that players will be able to unlock, EA has announced an unique colllaboration with Marvel to create some stellar card art for certain players.

The following players FUT Heroes cards will be part of the Marvel collab.

  • Yaya Toure
  • Landon Donovan
  • Ricardo Carvalho
  • Park Ji-Sung
  • Diego Forlan
  • Lucio
  • Javier Mascherano