Fortnite Season 8 has finally arrived, and while many players are busy checking out all the new POIs and map changes, Epic may have something special planned for us in the coming weeks.

Venom 2 will be airing soon and with the new movie's arrival, it looks like Epic are teaming up with Marvel and Sony to promote it.

Venom's already been added to Fortnite and the most recent Battle Pass features Carnage, but it's looking like it will go one step further with a new LTM.

Fortnite Venom and Carnage LTM leaked

Epic Games and Fortnite have been known for implementing collaborations in the past, as we've seen entire seasons based around Marvel characters, so it's not something we haven't become accustomed too.

However, with the release of Fortnite Season 8 and the addition of Carnage into the battle pass, they're going to be taking this to new levels in the coming weeks.

As first noted by FNLeaksAndInfo over on Twitter, there's been some assets added into the game that give some indication into a future LTM that could be in the works for players.

Among these leaked files include some mini-map icons for both Marvel characters, which we would typically only see during an LTM that gets implemented into the game.

However, we may know some other details based on a particular movie that's releasing in the coming weeks!

Release date

While Epic themselves haven't confirmed any information surrounding the leaked LTM, there's one date in mind that we could see this game mode premier into Fortnite.

For those who don't know, the new Venom movie is releasing worldwide on October 1, 2021, giving fans some ideas that this LTM would premier alongside the release of the movie.

For now, we'll have to wait and see if this pans out to be true in the coming weeks!