Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 has been off to a blazing start since it was released during the first week of December, and now players are getting comfortable with the whole new map.

Along with the new map, theres a bunch of environmental elements around the map that we're getting to explore.

One of these is the beloved campfires, which restore your health over a period of time.

Here's all campfire locations for Chapter 3 Season 1.

All Campfire Locations In Fortnite

As noted above, campfires are good for a wide array of aspects. First, they can be essential for when you're trying to make it into the circle and need a little bit of health back.

As well, a feature that was added not too long ago allows players to stoke the campfire with some Wood.

Doing so allows the fire to burn faster and you can repeat this process over and over!

With the new map, theres a ton of campfire locations around the map and thankfully,'s interactive map comes in handy here.

Below is an image of all the campfires on the Fortnite map right now!