Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 has been off to a blazing start since it was released during the first week of December, and now players are getting comfortable with the whole new map.

One of the best parts about Fortnite in the wintertime is Winterfest 2021, and there's been a stack of challenges players will be able to complete.

One of these involes finding and collecting toy biplanes at multiple POIs around the map!

Where to collect Toy Biplanes at Condo Canyon, Greasy Grove and Sleepy Sound

Finding these toy biplanes is one of the trickier challenges players have struggled with since the Winterfest 2021 challenges released, as theres three locations players will need to head over too.

However, once you get to these POIs its a rather simple challenge in order to find them.

All in all, theres numerous biplanes located at each POI, so we're going to run over where players will be able to find them at the following three POIs.

Greasy Groove

  • Upgrade Bench by Gas Station
  • Inside Quadcrasher Display
  • Eastern most building
  • Near the Slide

Sleepy Sound

  • In the pool near the RV
  • Near the swings
  • Noms store
  • Across the pond, second house from the left

Condo Canyon

  • Near the dumpster next to the gas station
  • Cornhole game
  • North of the canyon around the POI
  • Near the art desk in the building towards the northen side
  • Keyboard king