The Prowler has joined Fortnite, straight out of Marvel Comics. The Prowler is known for being a villain in The Amazing Spider-Man comics. While only making a few theatrical appearances, it is a well known villain and will star alongside Dr Strange in this season's Battle Pass.

As the 'Secret Skin' for Chapter 3 Season 2, the Prowler comes with a number of unlockables that Battle Pass owners can obtain.

Here's how to unlock the Prowler and when you can unlock him!

Release Date

The Prowler is set to unlock on the 24th April 2022. This is indicated on the Prowler section of the Battle Pass.

Before you can equip the skin and cosmetics in-game, you'll need to purchase the Battle Pass and then complete some specific quests.

Prowler Set

Here's what's included in the Prowler Set:

  • Prowler outfit
  • Slash and Smash emote
  • Energy Claw harvesting tool
  • Prowler banner icon
  • Prowler tag spray
  • Sky Prowler glider
  • Mark Of The Prowler wrap
  • On The Prowl loading screen
  • Prowler’s Grasp emoticon
How To Unlock The Prowler

The Prowler will require players to complete specific quests in order to unlock the skin and his cosmetics.

iFireMonkey has outlined these challenges down below.

Headshots Opponents with a Thermal Weapon - 3

    • Mark of the Prowler Wrap

Use a sprary at The Daily Bugle - 1

    • Prowler Tag Spary

Collect Bars - 300

    • On The Prowl Loading Screen

Collect different weapon types of Epic rrity or higher in a single match - 3

    • Prowler Banner Icon

Complete Prowler Quests - 7

    • Slash and Smash Emote

Damage opponents while crouched or sliding - 500

    • Eneergy Claw Pickaxe

Mod a vehicle, then drive it 500 meters in a single match - 2

    • Powler's Grasp Emote

Search chests before taking damage in a match - 7

    • Sky Prowler Glider

Complete Prowler Quests - 3

    • Prowler Skin