Fortnite's brand new v21.50 update will be one of the last udpates before the new season releases, which will be Chapter 3 Season 4.

With the upcoming Fortnite season, players are gearing up to check out all the new content, and more notablly, all the new weapons coming to the game.

While we've seen an ample amount this season, leaks have indicated that next season is going to have loads!

Here's what we know.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: All New Weapons

Every season Epic tends to shake up the weapon pool quite a bit, as this is one of the major components of Fortnite.

From time to time, we've seen classic weapons such as the Silenced AR, Shield Bubble and Pump Shotgun return to the game, but this season could be a major game changer for players.

With heavy rumors circulating as of late of a throwback season in the works over at Epic, this could mean the return of plently weapons from the Chapter 1 days of Fortnite.

Ones such as the Burst AR, and Tactical Shotgun; but for now, we purley have speculation to go off of.

However, fans have been creating their wishlist in hopes of seeing what they want be added into the game for Season 4's release.

So, maybe we'll see the return of this weapons, but we'll be sure to update this page when we hear more news!