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As Chapter 3 Season 3 comes to a close, fans of the beloved battle royale are patiently waiting for the brand new season, and we couldn't be more amped for what's to come.

With a confirmed season ending event, there's a lot to look forward if you're a Fortnite fan, so we're going to run over everything you need to know abouut Chapter 3 Season 4!

Release Date

Chapter 3 Season 4 should release sometime around September 17-19, 2022. This has been noted as when the battle pass is going to end, and it's not out of the ordinary for Epic to release a new season on the weekend!

Teasers and Theme

After a flurry of speculation, HYPEX has confirmed that Chapter 3 Season 4 won't be Marvel themed.

Instead, Epic posted the following photo as the first teaser image of Season 4, which appears to be Paradigm

Season Ending Event

One can expect some sort of season-ending event in the coming weeks. Afterall, it appears Epic is going back to their roots and implementing one of these every season now!

We'll be sure to update this page as we hear more news regarding it.

Battle Pass

HYPEX has noted that Spider-Gwen will be a part of the battle pass, while Miles Morales will be an in-game item shop skin for players to purchase at a later date.

Other Leaks

With Season 4 just a week or two away, HYPEX has noted on Twitter some of the files that have been leaked in previous seasons, and haven't been used yet.

One of the upcoming mechanics that has been teased by dataminers for numerous seasons now is the frst-person mode within Fortnite.

HYPEX has noted that it appears the mode itself has been updated rapdily in the leadup to the new season.

So, we could potentially see this come in Chapter 3 Season 4!

Furthermore, there's been some leaks and rumors regarding the overall theme of Chapter 3 Season 4. A lot of players are speculating that since this is Fortnite's 5th birthday, we could see a whole throwback season, encompassing all the loot and characters from over the years.

As well, it seems players are open to this theme, as per HYPEX's poll on Twitter

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