Where are you NPCs?

Every week, new challenges are made available in Fortnite for players to complete in order to grind out their Battle Pass.

While these challenges are fairly straight forward, they do offer a lot of XP for how much time they take to complete - as well as new pickaxe styles for Nothing.

Here's all the Byte quests in Fortnite and how to complete them!

Release Date

These new challenges went live during the V21.10 update, which released on October 4th, 2022.

How To Complete Fortnite Bytes Quests and Get The The Nothing’s Gift Pickaxe Styles
  • Tune the TV while wearing the Bytes Outfit (1)
  • Damage opponents with EvoChrome Weapons (2500)
  • Drive distance in Chromed Vehicles
  • Pass through Chromed Structures in different Named Locations
  • Search Chromed Chests
  • Deal damage to Chromed Wildlife
  • Eliminate opponents at a Chromed Named Location
  • Chrome opponents

Each time you complete one of these challenges, you'll be granted with a new pickaxe style until you complete the entire set.

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