A brand new season of Fortnite has arrived, and with the release of Chapter 3 Season 4 there's a ton of new/returning content for players.

One aspect that returns but with a twist is vaults, and now Epic has layed keys out throughout the map for players to find.

We're going to runover where to find these keys and how to open vaults with them in Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: Where To Find Keys and Open Vaults

Vaults is something that dates all the way back to Chapter 2 Season 2, and players are well aware that these are jammed pack with a ton of loot to use within battle.

In Chapter 3 Season 4, there's two types of vaults. High and Low security vaults, and keys can be found via Chrome Chests, which are easily identifiable thanks to their glow.

As you may have guessed, high security vaults require two keys to open, while low security vaults only need one!

In terms of where to find these vaults, this can be viewed down below thanks to!