Fortnite's brand new season, or better known as Chapter 3 Season 3 has once again implemented a ton of new changes for players to check out.

Keeping up with the usual, there's some insane cosmetics for players to unlock and to players surprise, a brand new Spider-Man skin has just dropped, and we're going to run over how to obtain it!

How To Get The Spider-Man Zero Skin In Fortnite

The new skin is a brand new Spider-Man skin seperate from the ones that were a part of the Chapter 3 Season 1 battle pass.

This new Spider-Man suit is in direct relation to the brand new Marvel Zero Wars comic that released in partnership with Fortnite.

So, as of now, there's a few different ways players will be able to obtain the skin, and its whether or not you're interested in picking up a physical comic, or just obtaining it via Vbucks.

The first method will require you to purchase the "Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War!" #1 comic from any direct retailer of the series, or the Marvel Comic site itself.

The second way is to just simply head over to the Fortnite Item Shop and purchase the skin with Vbucks, which we can assume is the method most of you are going to take!