As the current Fortnite season sails along, players are experiencing all the new wacky mechanics that Epic has to offer.

With the new season here, Epic has added some brand new weapons for players to check out, and this includes the Explosive Repeater.

We're going to runover how to obtain them within Fortnite.

Fortnite: How To Obtain The Explosive Repeater

It's been teased now for a little bit, but the new Cloak Gauntlets are one of the more interesting items they've added in numerous seasons.

For those who don't already know, they were added during patch 25.10 and Epic has noted the following on them.

Live now, the Explosive Repeater Rifle fires rounds that trigger a small explosion on impact. Because of this explosive effect, you don’t have to directly hit your target to deal some damage. Suspect an enemy’s in a bush? After enough attempts at your target, the bush itself can be destroyed by the explosive damage, leaving your opponent out in the open!

So, in order to obtain this new weapon, you're first going to have to be on your toes, as most players around the island are going to be on the hunt for these.

In order to snag the Explosive Repeater players can just loot them from the ground or chests!