Fortnite's wide array of weapons within the game is something fans have become used to over the years.

While Chapter 3 Season 2 has a lot to offer for players, the return of the Heavy Sniper was one of the best additions we've seen in quite some time.

If you're on the hunt for this weapon, we're going to run over where you can find it within Fortnite!

Where To Get The Heavy Sniper In Fortnite

The Heavy Sniper is bascially a one shot kill most of the time in Fortnite, as it does over 200 damage to enemies heads, and 150 to the body.

As well, this Sniper is excelant in terms of breaking enemy builds, as it'll one-shot every material in the game!

In order to find the Heavy Sniper Rifle on the Fortnite map, players won't be able to simply go to a location and talk to an NPC.

Instead, you'll just have to loot chests and hope one pops out from it!