The Birthday Bash of the year is coming to Fortnite as it celebrates its 4th anniversary!

Each year, Fortnite celebrates its birthday with a limited-time event and offers players the chance to party with via quests.

Completing quests results in presents - you'll earn extra rewards for participating .

Here's what we know about Fortnite's 4th Birthday Event.

Release Date

The 4th Birthday event is planning to commence on September 24 at 9 AM ET to September 28 at 2 AM ET.

  • Complete a Birthday Quest (rewards Hooplah Hammer Pickaxe)
  • Complete two Birthday Quests (rewards 4 Me??? Back Bling)
  • Complete three Birthday Quests (rewards 4? Score! Emoticon)

All you'll need to do is complete regular Quests in-game to unlock these items!


Battle Bus

Not all of that information is related to rewards, either. A fan favorite may be making a return: the birthday bus. This special skin for the battle bus wraps it in party streamers and birthday attire, and leaks suggest it will be doing the rounds this year also.

Leaker Mang0e on Twitter found files for both the Battle Bus as well as this year's cakes. As you might expect, a "4" candle will be mounted on top of the birthday bus this year. The cake will probably be found around the map, but also in a special party area. FortTory on Twitter found the birthday bash area for this year's celebration — without the area's flooring. It's unclear whether this party zone will be overlaid on an existing location or a new one.

Cakes And Presents

Eat Birthday Cakes for Health and Shield and throw Birthday Presents (the good kind of Cube) to free their loot.

Birthday Llama

Despite being absent last year, it's expected that the Birthday Llama will return.

These were featured in Save The World earlier this year.


You can unlock the cake-based 4 Me??? Back Bling, cake-on-a-stick Hooplah Hammer Pickaxe, and cupcake 4? Score! Emoticon!