Here's how to prevent crashing.

Forza Horizon, is now out in the wild and there's over 500 cars for players to test out within the gorgeous world of Mexico.

However, not all players have been having a good time, as some of you can't even load into the game, as there's a rather pesky start-up crash issue.

With multiple players reporting this issue, here's some solutions we've uncovered for the PC crashing issue.

How To Fix The PC Crashing Issue For Horizon 5

This issue has plagued players since the game was released on November 9, and it's mainly been affecting players who are initially loading up the game.

As, when trying to boot up Horizon 5 players have been getting multiple errors and the game essentially won't start-up.

However, developers Playground Games have already addressed the problem and have provided some quick solutions for players to try to attempt to fix this.

We recommend trying the steps down below that Forza have listed in order to prevent Horizon 5 from crashing.

  • Check your PC Specs to make sure they align with the minimum required
  • Administrator Account
    • Log in to Windows 10/11 with a local Administrator Account and launch the game/store as an Administrator. This fixes the majority of cases reported.
  • Check for Windows Updates
  • Make sure your game is highest priority within Task Manager
    • Windows > Settings > type Apps & Features > title > Advanced Options > Reset
  • Disable all background software that may be affecting Forza running
    • Example list of virus checkers that will make the game not boot.

      • Trend Micro Maximum Security
      • Comodo Antivirus
      • Sophos
      • Emisoft Anti-Malware
      • Avira
      • Avast
      • Bitdefender Firewall
      • AVG
  • Disable Microsoft Defender
  • Turn off power monitoring software
  • Disable Development Mode
    • Press Windows + R.
    • Type Powershell and hit enter.
    • Copy and paste the following into the Powershell window and press enter.
  • Make sure your date/time is correct
  • Missing/Corrupted files
    • Ensure you have the MOST recent Windows 10 update
    • Make sure your Graphics Card is updated with the latest patch, after windows update.
    • Reset Store and Application - Windows>Settings>Applications>title>Advanced Options>Reset
    • Full re-installation of the title
  • Run Microsoft Tool
  • Reset your PC/Microsoft Store

One of these issues is bound to resolve the PC crashing issue, and a bit of troubleshooting should fix it rather quick.