God of War Ragnarok is gearing up to be one of, if not, the best release of 2022, and fans are amped to jump back into the series.

Now, with the release of the next big PlayStation title, once you complete the game, one is going to wonder if it offers a New Game Plus option.

Here's what we know!

God of War Ragnarok - Does It Have A New Game Plus Mode?

It's pretty standard for major AAA titles these days to offer a New Game Plus option, as we've seen it in other major releases this year such as Elden Ring.

Bascially, this allows players to keep their gear and load into a brand new save, and face much stronger enemies and replay the entire game at a harder difficulty!

However, for God of War Ragnarok, there doesn't appear to be a New Game Plus mode option as of now, and this falls in line with what we've seen in previous iterations of the game.

Be sure to us know if you're amped for the release of the game, and get geared up for the title with our Syn Max Air.