Money talks

If you're looking for things to do in GTA Online, there are a number of fun and interesting activities to engage in.

While the game does its best to update things on a weekly basis, sometimes you just need to go around causing chaos or even taking a more relaxed approach.

If you need a break from the typical money making methods in GTA 5 online, why not try one of these fun things to do?

Fun Things To Do In GTA Online

Watch TV And Spy On Players

Yes, you can watch TV and spy on other players. Sitting infront of your TV you can watch a live feed of a player (it's basically a spectator mode). You can even hire some muggers to attack the player and watch the chaos unfold.

Visit The Playboy Mansion

So it's not actually the Playboy Mansion - but a good replica. You may have seen the Richman Mansion in Los Santos whilst roaming the streets. If you go inside at certain times of the day, you can find a variety of people partying; an ideal spot for creating some chaos.

Get Drunk!

Head to a convenience store and buy some "Pisswasser". Drink until you pass out and you'll wake up in a different location! It's always entertaining to find out where you'll wake up next.

Pretend To Be An NPC

Pretend to be an NPC and see how many players fall for your actions. If you're very crafty, you can use it as a chance to take advantage of other players!

Play Golf Or Tennis

That's right, head to the golf course and become Tiger Woods or hit the courts and channel your inner Serena Williams.

Create Custom Races

Driving is the bread and butter of GTA and being able to race against your friends is the ultimate party activity. Be sure to create your own races or download different ones to experiment.

Attend Community Meetups

Players often organise Car Meets or parties on Yachts to mingle with those online and looking for something fun to do. So show off your ride or your dance moves by hitting up Reddit or GTA forums to get involved.

Fire The Orbital Cannon

If you've got more money than sense, fire the cannon! You can equip your underground facility with a Orbital Cannon, costing $900,000 to install and $500,000 to fire; it will kill any player on the map.