GTA Online has been holding fans over until we hear more news regarding GTA 6, which may come sooner than some fans believe. 

But, the online portion of GTA has reached new heights in recent years, and if you're looking to make some additonal cash, than selling cars is the way to go.

We're going to run over the most profitable vehicles to sell within GTA Online once they're fully upgraded!

What Car Sells For The Most In GTA 5 Online Fully Upgraded In 2022?

Similar to real life, selling vechicles is a decent way to make some additional cash within the game, but keep in mind, vehicles are going to sell for more if you upgrade them fully.

While it may cost first initially for the investment, you'll quickly see the riches one can make doing this method, so may be worth your time!

While you aren't going to make millions of dollars right away doing this, it'll add up over time, giving you enough to say your a decent reseller within the game.

So, we're going to run over the best vehicles to sell fully upgraded within GTA Online down below!

  • Arena War Izzi Classic
    • Around $2 Million
  • Vigilante
  • Pre-Modified Dubsta 2