Halo Infinite has landed in the palms of gamers all around the world, and the legendary franchise has suspirsed many with their early release of Infinite.

Within the games multiplayer is notes that we've seen in other titles over the years, and there's a large emphasis on cosmetics.

Here's how you'll be able to unlock the Yoroi Samurai Armor.

How To Unlock The Yoroi Samurai Armor

This set of armor was revealed within a social media post by Halo Infinite, as when they were talking about the battle pass they mentioned the Yoroi Samurai Armor.

Within the first season of Halo Infinite's Battle Pass, they're going to be having multiple in-game events and challenges which players can compete in order to earn rewards.

The Yoroi Samurai Armor will be a part of these rewards, as it will be a featured one during the Fracture: Tenrai!

We don't have any details into how we'll be able to unlock this skin, but we can assume players will need to complete various challenges and tasks in order too!