Celebrate The Chief

Halo Infinite released an month early due to it's 20th Anniversary landing on November 15, and players are finally complacent with a Halo multiplayer that we can play forever.

With the game is a ton of new cosmetic choices and a full fledged battle pass for us to check out.

We're going to run over some of the best ways we can recommned in order to level up fast in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite How To Level Up Fast

For those who don't know, the battle pass progresion system is a bit weird at first glance.

Basically, if you buy the battle pass and you're looking to level up fast, the only way you can do this is via challenges within the game.

So, the best and really only way we recommned in order to get that battle pass a higher level, is to check out the daily and weekly in-game challenges and see which ones you can complete as quickly as possible.

Jumping into modes like Big Team Battle may be the best place to do it to get them done fast.