The latest installment of the Halo series is always one that fans of the franchise look forward too each year. This time around, Halo Infinite is the newest entry, and it's finally arrived for players to dive into.

With a Halo that finally feels complacement in terms of gunplay and other aspects, the community is overjoyed the game is now released for players.

However, the game still doesn't have a BR, but new leaks suggest it may be getting one soon.

Halo Infinite Leaks Detail A Warzone-Inspired Mode

A Halo Battle Royale is something many fans of the series were hoping they'd have in the game when it released.

But, nevertheless, they did not release Infinite with one, and the playerbase has slowly drifted away, but now new leaks suggest that a brand new game mode is coming.

The new game mode is going to be some sort of battle royale, with a Halo theme to it.

Besides the following image from HaloHubGG, we don't know much regarding the mode as of now, so be sure to check back for more news!