Scream if you wanna grow faster!

Hogwarts Legacy allows aspiring wizards and witches to attend classes and carry out tasks that they will have watched from the Harry Potter movies.

This includes Mandrakes, the plants that made our ears bleed with their high pitched screams. These things are useful for classes and in combat, so it's good to know how to get them.

Here's how to get and buy Mandrakes in Hogwarts Legacy.

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To get a Mandrake in Hogwarts Legacy, you can buy them at the Dogweed and Deathcap in Hogsmeade or grow your own using Mandrake seeds at a potting station.

Beatrice Green at Dogweed and Deathcap has Mandrakes for sale at 500 galleons and Mandrake seeds for 800 galleons.

You can also come across vendors that can occasionally stock Mandrakes.

It's more cost effective to grow your own and once you have access to your own potting table through the main quest Herbology Class, you’ll be able to grow your own.

The Room of Requirement can also be equipped with potting stations to help you grow batches of Mandrakes.