Up, up and away!

Hogwarts Legacy has launched and allows aspiring witches and wizards to follow their dreams of becoming a fully fledged member of Hogwarts.

A large part of the Wizarding world is flying on a broom, something that is a key highlight in most of the Harry Potter films.

So how can you get a broom and how do you use it? Here's how!

How To Get A Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

To get a broom in Hogwarts Legacy, you'll need to progress in the main story until you've completed the quest Jackdaw's Rest.

Once complete, you'll be asked to attend your first Flying Class by the main lawn. Finish the two tasks from Madam Kagawa and then go on a lap around the castle with Everett Clopton.

After finishing the class, fast travel to Hogsmeade and make your way tp Spintwitches Sporting Needs shop. This shop will now be open once you've finished your first flying lesson.

Speak to Albie Weekes inside and browse his selections of available brooms.

A broom will cost you 600 gold, so come prepared, you can collect gold from chests or sell unwanted items at the shops. Equally, you can open the Eye Chest in Gladrags Wizardwear by using the Disillusionment Charm; this chest contains 500 gold.

How To Use A Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Equip your broom by holding LB (Xbox) L1 (PS) Tab (PC) and pressing B (Xbox) o (PS) 3 (PC).

Moving is straight forward, using the same controls as your on-ground movement, though you can use a temporary speed boost by pressing LT/L2/Left Mouse Click.

How To Upgrade A Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

After buying your first broom, you will unlock the side quest 'Flight Test' from Mr. Weekes.

He will instruct you to meet Iselda Reyes at the Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch.

After speaking to her, she'll challenge you to a flying time trial; you'll fly from your current location to Hogsmeade Station manouvering your way through rings.

Once you've beaten Iselda's record, head back to Mr. Weekes to complete the quest. After some time, he'll sent you a message through the Owl Post notifying you that the broom upgrade is ready.

Speak to him and you'll be able to purchase the upgrade for 1,000 Gold.

To get the second and third upgrade, you will be required to complete two more of Iselda's time trials. You can start these by speaking to Mr. Weekes.