Dead Island was once upon a time one of the premier zombie survival games that was released worldwide for players to enjoy.

Now, with the game out for players worldwide, we're getting used to all the new mechanics within the game, including weapon crafting.

Here's how to craft weapons in Dead Island 2.

How To Craft Weapons In Dead Island 2

With the first Dead Island arriving back in 2011, this makes it over a decade since the original released, which has to be one of the longest time periods in between two games within the same IP.

So, the release date for Dead Island 2 as of right now appears to be April 21, of 2023, this comes off the recent news that the title has been delayed a month or so.

In regards to where players will be able to craft weapons, well this will be done at the Workbench. Furthermore, in order to craft weapons, you'll need to gather specifc materials all around the island.

As well, players will be able to upgrade certain weapons at these workbenches, should they allow it!