Time for more fixes

Vanguard is now released all around the world, and the latest entry into the COD franchise has been steady since it was release.

However, this is not to say the game isn't perfect, as when playing on PC, numerous players have been reporting crashes and freezes within the game.

We're going to run over some handy tips and tricks you can use in order to potentially combat these PC crashes.

How To Fix PC Crashes for Vanguard

Game crashes are something PC gamers know all too well about, as from time to time this is bound to happen no matter the title you're checking out.

Vanguard is questionably the best looking COD title that has released, but it's also cause players numerous issues since it premiered back during the early days of November.

We've gathered some tips and tricks in order to stop your game from crashing, and these can be viewed down below.

  • Update Drivers
    • AMD or Nvidia recently released drivers for Battlefield 2042, so make sure these are up to date
  • Disable Discord or Nvidia GeForce Overlay
  • Run Vanguard as Admin
  • Close other apps that are using a lot of memory or GPU