While it still feels like Rockstar releasing GTA 6 is lightyears away. There's been an ample amount of content that's been released into GTA Online over recent months.

The brand new Contract DLC takes us six years into the future as Franklin and some other familiar faces, and it's been one of the best DLCs released yet.

But, if you've been playing GTA Online for quite some time, or just jumping into the game now, we're going to run over how to make your character strong!

How To Gain Strength In GTA Online

Being strong within GTA Online is one of the most imtimadating factors within the game, as you'll be able to easily knock out enemies and make them kneel in front of you.

So, it may be worth the time to grind away at the strength metric, and its rather easy to say the least.

The fastest way to increase the Strength meter, is to join a session with a buddy or two, and make sure they get into a car.

Once they're in a car, simply punch it over and over for around 10-15 minutes, and you should be ready to rock!