With Valorant gearing up to celebrate it's two year anniversary, there's something else that comes before this anniversary event.

June is also better known as Pride Month around the world, and Riot has consistently added some cosmetics to commerate this month.

Here's how to get the Pride 2022 Card and Gun Buddy in Valorant.

How To Get The Valorant Pride 2022 Card and Gun Buddy

The Pride cosmetics made an appearance last year, and this time around they're pretty much the same, but it's nice to showcase an important topic within the world in your game!

So, if you're looking to claim both the player card's and the Gun Buddies, then you'll just have to follow some simply steps.

Unlike last year, players will need to just head into the in-game store, which is located at the right side of the top menu bar.

Then, just redeem these Pride cosmetics as they're completly free!