Warzone Pacific has been a decent addition to the battle royale, and while we're seeing more content added into the game daily.

With the flurry of new content such as the Well Gun and more weapons in store for players in later seasons, it can be a bit annoying to level these up.

Here's some handy ways to level up your guns for Warzone fast!

How To Level Up Warzone Guns Fast

Over the years, Warzone's been integrating weapons from all the recent CODs into their battle royale, and if you don't have the current meta weapon maxed out, there isn't really a point in using it.

As well, it can be a real pain to level up your weapon during a Warzone match and it'll also take much longer.

So, theres some easier ways you can go about leveling up your weapons and we're going to run over some of them down below.

  • Play Multiplayer with the weapon you want to level up
  • Use Double Weapon XP Tokens
  • Play close quarter maps with lots of gunfights such as Shipment 24/7
  • Completing Contracts while playing Warzone