Music Time

While it still feels like Rockstar releasing GTA 6 is lightyears away. There's been an ample amount of content that's been released into GTA Online over recent months.

The brand new Contract DLC takes us six years into the future as Franklin and some other familiar faces, and it's been one of the best DLCs released yet.

One of the features of the new DLC is Record A Studios and we're going to run over how you'll be able to unlock it within GTA Online!

How To Unlock Record A Studios In GTA Online

Dr. Dre is one of the big selling points of the Contract DLC, as he's made an apperance within the game as players will be able to complete missions specific to him over the course of the game.

In order to unlock Record A Studios, players will need to complete three certain missions in order to unlock this recording studio.

However, these missions will only become ready to complete once you've purchases an Agency Building.

Once you do so, these are the missions you'll have to complete:

  • Nightlife Leak
  • High Society Leak
  • South Central Leak

After doing so, you'll have Record A Studios unlocked!