Deathloop has been one of the premier single player titles to release in the last year, and developers Bethesda have done an amazing job at creating an action packed title.

Now, with the game released well over a year, there's been some rumors/news that the game will come to Xbox Game Pass.

Here's what we know!

Is Deathloop Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

For those who don't already know, Deathloop follows the story of Colt, who essentially has to find a way to kill all visonaries and 'break the loop' that he's now stuck in.

This is a short summary of the games basis, and the real shining star within the game is the gameplay. Using the Dishonored engine, players will be able to combine a wide array of weapons, with special abilities.

In terms of the game releasing on Xbox Game Pass, there's been some speculation for quite some time and now the game itself is appearing on some users Xbox Stores.

While this doesn't directly indicate that it'll make it's way to Xbox Game Pass, this likely means we could see it show up in the near future.