Starfield is perhaps one of the most anticipated games we've seen in quite some time, and while Bethesda had to unfortuantly delay the title, we're still eager to dive into what appears to be a one of a kind experience.

With Starfield taking us all around the galaxy, some are wondering if the game offers multiplayer and we're going to run over that answer now!

Is Starfield Multiplayer?

While multiplayer seems to be a big part of every other release we're seeing these days, Starfield is going to be unique since it's a Bethesda title, focused mainly on story telling.

So, as of now, we can say that Starfield won't have any multiplayer for players to sink their teeth

Whether or not this changes is unknown as of now, but Todd Howard, the man at the healm of Starfield spoke during a conference in 2020 and commented on the multiplayer aspects of Starfield.