While trick or treating, scary movies, and pumpkin spice lattes are common for this time of year, the true sign of Halloween is when Riot Games releases their spooky-themed game modes and skins - a tradition they have now continued for their 10th year in a row!

The Harrowing Event

Release Date

We anticipate that this event will begin in patch 11.21, dropping October 20th.

A Bewitching Twist

In true Harrowing style, live servers will soon be getting “Bewitching” skins (Halloween-themed cosmetics) for Nami, Fiora, Poppy, Syndra, and Yuumi. While all skins have a cool purple color scheme, each respective skin contains a unique spooky twist to it - such as Syndra’s orbs being pumpkins and Poppy’s hammer now a witch’s broomstick.

The special Prestige Edition skin for this set isn’t for any of these new skins however, but for Morgana’s classic Bewitching skin. These skins will soon be available for purchase in-game for 1350+ RP while Prestige Bewitching Morgana will of course be unlocked for 100 Prestige points (as per usual for the Prestige line of chromas).

We also tend to get a few dedicated Halloween themed skins alongside the event.

Harrowing Rift

While not officially confirmed via Riot, there’s hopeful expectations that we’ll have at least one alternative Summoners Rift game modes to play this year. In past years we’ve had “The Teemoing” (survive 15 minutes before fighting a giant demon-lord Teemo) and “Doom Bots of Doom” (a co-op vs AI mode where you fight empowered, spooky versions of champions). While it is possible a new mode entirely is introduced, it’s probably not to be expected.

What should however be expected are the typical event-tokens that are rewarded from completing in-game missions. The missions are completed by simply playing games or accomplishing specific criteria and the tokens you get from them can be used to redeem Harrowing themed icons, emotes, or Harrowing chromas. The missions and the tokens themselves are available only for the limited time of the event - so make sure to complete them all before it’s too late!