Overwatch is perhaps one of the world's largest games over recent years, and the team-based PVP shooter has risen to new heights in recent months, as fans await any news pertaining to its sequel, Overwatch 2.

While the 2nd Overwatch has been delayed a decent bit over the years, there's still massive expectations for Blizzard, and with the upcoming PVP Beta, players will be eager to test out the new character Sojourn.

Overwatch 2 Leaked Gameplay Trailer Showcases Sojourn Abilities

While Sojourn has been a bit of a mystery since she was revealed quite some time ago, we know she's one of the new characters within Overwatch 2, but we never knew exactly what she could do.

But now, thanks to some leaked gameplay trailers ahead of Blizzard's developer stream, we're able to identify some of the core mechanics that Sojourn will have.

Here's some of the abilties that we know have been confirmed via this trailer for Sojourn.

  • Automatic Primary Rifle
    • 40 Rounds per clip
    • Can be charged up
  • Slide Boosters
    • Sojourn will be able to slide and dash around the map, in order to avoid fire and get to new points faster than other players
  • AoE
    • This one is rather unique, Sojourn leaps into the air and fires a AoE ability that lingers over time, inflicting damage to all players within the radius
  • Ultimate
    • While we don't know if this is actually the Ultimate for Sojourn, it appears to be a massive Rail Gun shot from her primary weapon