Madden is the only true NFL style of game that fans have access to each year, and while they don't change much in each iteration, there's always some new content for fans to sink their teeth into.

With this years version finally released, some of you are unsure how to perform some of the best juke moves out there.

One of these is going to come in hand very quickly, and it comes in the form of sliding.

Here's how to slide in Madden 23!

Madden 23: How To Slide

Sliding is one of the fundamental tactics within the NFL, as most of the time, QBs will perform this move when they're rushing with the ball so that they don't get injured.

You'll want to perform this within Madden to avoid injury with your players, along with gaining a few extra yards when pushing for the endzone.

Thankfully, sliding hasn't change since Madden 22, and it can be performed rather easy.

On both Xbox and PlayStation, players will want to double tap the dive button; which for those who don't know is the Square/X button on your controller!

It really is that easy, and you'll be using this move quite a bit we bet.