Minecraft's spin on a dungeon crawler has been flying since it released. Minecraft Dungeons has been receiving consistent updates for quite some time now and it was recently announced that the game will now get Seasonal Adventures!

The Cloudy Climb will begin this new chapter for the game as the first season - and it's kicking off soon.

Here's what you need to know about Season 1 of Minecraft Dungeons' Seasonal Adventures!

Release Date

They haven't announced a full release date as of now, but have noted that it'll be releasing sometime in Holiday 2021.

So around December 2021 is when player's can expect this to release.

As well, you can check out the trailer for the expansion down below.

Features And Content

The journey continues as Seasonal Adventures—free, themed events—up the ante in Minecraft Dungeons. Join weekly challenges to earn Adventure Points and work towards unlocking exclusive rewards, through an all-new progression system.

Rewards change with each new season and include everything a blocky hero might need: from precious pets and fashionable flairs to emphatic emotes and captivating cosmetics.

How you achieve it is up to you, whether you dive into an Ancient Hunt, solo an Apocalypse+ mission, or fight foes with friends—the ways to enjoy Seasonal Adventures are endless.

The game will also receive a new location called 'The Tower'. Inside, players receive a fresh character to explore the area with. They will climb its floors and defeat hostile mobs and bosses.

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