Minecraft's new spin on, Minecraft Legends was announced during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase during the week of Summer Games Fest 2022, and this was one of the bigger surprises during the showcase.

While we've seen Mojang take Minecraft and spin it off in recent years, and this will be a brand new IP that players are stoked to play.  

Is Minecraft Legends Going To Be Open World?

Minecraft Legends is the highly anticipated spin-off from the original IP, and it's going to release worldwide and on Xbox Game Pass on April 18, 2023.

However, with the leadup to the game coming closer, players will be wondering if they're going to have to pay the full price, if they use Xbox Game Pass.

With Minecraft being an essential part of the Xbox ecosystem, we can confirm that Minecraft Legends will be playable on day one for all users .

So, be sure to let us know if you're amped to dive into the new game once it releases on the 18th.