Modern Warfare 2's campagin is finally released into early access, and players have been diving in checking out all the new missions 141 is getting us into.

Throughout the campaign there's certain easter eggs that you're going to want to keep your eyes on, including two hidden chests on El Sim Nombre and Along.

We're going to runover these codes down below, but keep in mind, there are major spoiler warnings below.

Modern Warfare 2: All Hidden Safe Locations - El Sin Nombre and Alone

El Sim Nombre

Th first chest is going to be found within the villa, when Soap is trying to figure out who El Sim Nombre is. Once you've passed the interogation, you're able to explore the upper part of the mansion, in order to find a way to the second floor or the top.

You're going to want to head onto the second floor, and the room right at the top of the stairs/next to the elevator is Diego's room.

Enter in here, and head to the closet right beside his bed, the safe code is as follows.


The next two safes are both on the Alone mission, where you're going to have to manuver through Mexico's streets in order to link back up with Ghost.

The two safes are in the Coffee Shop and the El Maistro garage, and the codes are as follows.

Coffee Shop

  • 10-10-90


  • 37-60-80