Modern Warfare 2's campagin is finally released into early access, and players have been diving in checking out all the new missions 141 is getting us into.

The campaign is going to tie us over for another week before the proper release of the game happens.

So, if you're diving into MW2, here's how long it'll take you to beat the story.

Warning the following will contain spoilers.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Modern Warfare 2?

The Modern Warfare 2 campaign is pretty standard for a COD story, it's not too long where you'll start to lose focus after a while. However, it appears to be the perfect length for fans so far, as it does end at a wicked spot.

One aspect that we've noticed as well while playing, is that the missions move pretty fast, well for the most part. When you get later into the story, they do become longer, but you'll be flying through it in no time!

As one would expect, the story of Modern Warfare 2 is going to take players around 6-8 hours, depending on how long they're goin to spend on each mission.

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