Apex Legends Season 12 is nearing the release of it's second split in terms of Ranked gameplay, and with the season being played across Olympus and King's Canyon, players have been overjoyed with the content coming out of Respawn.

With the now released Warrior's Collection event, they've gone ahead and added a ton of new skins for players to craft, or unlock via Apex packs.

However, one weapon skin has been a hot topic among the community as of late, and not for good reasons.

New Apex Legends Skin Is "Pay-To-Lose" According To Player's

Broken skins within games is something we're all too familar with, as throughout titles such as Apex, Fortnite and COD, we've seen skins that have been "pay to lose."

Meaning they have some negative affect within them, that makes using them nearly impossible, and this issue has resurfaced within Apex due to the new Charge Rifle skin, Curse of the Amazon.

The issue players have been having with the skin comes when they try to use a zoom scope on the rifle. Upon zooming in, players quickly noticed that the weapons barrel takes up a large portion of the screen, reducing the space you have to see players.

Essentially reducing your FOV when zoomed in with this new skins is a clear issue, so for now, we advise staying away from this skin for the time being!