Multiversus has been the latest high flyer in terms of releases, and with the game being in open-beta as of now, there's been some characters far superior than others.

Bug's Bunny in particular has been massively overpowered in the eyes of players, but thankfully, the new patch as outlined by some developers will address the Bunny.

New Multiversus Patch Will Finally Fix Bug's Bunny: Patch Notes and More

There's been some characters within Multiversus such as Iron Giant, Bugs Bunny and Finn that have been widley overpowered in certain aspects compared to others.

Bug's Bunny has been the hot topic as of late, with many players taking to social media to gripe with how annoying it is to constantly face this character.

Thankfully, Tony Huynh, one of the co-founder's of Player1st Games took to Twitter to address that Bug's Bunny will be patched posted Evo, along with the possible addition of a brand new character.

In terms of the new character, there was a recent datamine that outlined some possible names/voicelines that could be coming soon.

These included the likes of Eleven from Stranger Things and Daenerys from GOT. So, we could see one of these very soon!