Overwatch 2 has now released worldwide, and Blizzard's latest entry into the series has improved in all aspects compared to it's original release.

With the games rocky release, it's been smooth sailing ever since Blizzard patch the endless queue times, however, new bugs have surfaced.

One has been the Bastion Ultimate glitch, which is causing quite the amount of frustation within the game.

New Overwatch 2 Bastion Ultimate Glitch Is Breaking The Game

For those who don't already know, Bastion recieved a heavy rework for OW2, and essentially changed the entire kit of the damage hero.

Bastion's new Ultimate ability activate a motor strike that allows players to fire three shots anywhere close to them during a match, and can be quite devastatingto enemies.

However, one glitch has surfaced which allows players to fire an infinite amount of shots within an eight second window, and it has cause quite the chaotic gameplay.

Ajax807 posted an in-depth walkthrough of the glitch, and it's quite messy to say the least, and we're sure Blizzard is going to have this patched ASAP.