New World has been moving along slowly but surely since it was released a few months back in 2021, but the playerbase is still as loyal as ever.

With a lack of end-game content as of now, Amazon Game Studios appears to be implementing new ways for players experiment with new gear and this comes in the form of the Dreadwake Hatchet.

How To Get The Dreadwake In New World

Dreadwake is one of the best weapons within New World and if we have to comment on the looks of the weapon, it resembles a Diamond Minecraft axe.

With a Gear Score of 500, players will want to be on the lookout for obtaining this weapon, as you'll easily be able to take down high level enemies during end-game scenarios.

As of now, there's only three enemies that drop this item and of course, it's all around end-game cotent so you better ensure your character is high enough level.

Here's a quick rundown of where players can find it.

  • Oro
    • Dynasty Shipyard
  • Joven
    • Dynasty Shipyard
  • Isabella
    • Dynasty Shipyard