A New World!

New World has been moving along slowly but surely since it was released a few months back in 2021, but the playerbase is still as loyal as ever.

With a lack of end-game content as of now, Amazon Game Studios appears to be implementing new ways for players to level up their gear.

Here's how to use Umbral shards in new World.

What Are Umbral Shards

This is a brand new form of content within the game, and these shards are going to play a vital role,as they'll be directly related players unlocking and reaching the new level cap within the game.

You'll unlock these shards during the Mutated Expeditions, and once you have some of these Umbral Shards to use.

Once you've obtained these Shards within your inventory, you can furhter use them to enhance the gear score of your weapons and armor.

Doing this will hopefully increase your players level and GS to the new cap of 625!