Overwatch 2 has now released worldwide, and while a lot of you are still trying to get into the game, some of you have and you're able to check out all the new changes including the new hero, Kiriko.

However, with the release of OW2, players who have obtained the battle pass may be looking for a quick and easy way to level it up.

This comes in the form of the Season 1 Challenges and we're going to run over all of them now!

Overwatch 2 Season 1 Challenges - All Challenges, XP Rewards and More

Challenges are rather new to Overwatch 2, as the battle pass is finally here as OW1 did not sport one of for those who did not know.

So, wih 80 tiers and just over 60 days to complete the entire pass, these challenges are going to come in key for earning easy XP and rewards,

So, we're going to runover all the currently listed challenges for OW2 Season 1 down below.

  • Veni, Vidi, Vici
    • Win three games in Colosseo.
  • Hoping for Victor
    • Win three games in Esperanca.
  • Staying On Track
    • Earn five eliminations in or from the train near the capture point on Midtown.
  • Welcome to the 6ix
    • Win three games on New Queen Street.
  • Cidade Maravilhosa
    • Win three games in Paraiso.
  • Literal Wall Hacks
    • Heal an injured ally after using Swift Step through a wall in five games as Kiriko.
  • Never Saw It Coming
    • Damage a hero with the return flight of your knife as Junker Queen.
  • Railgun Mastery
    • Earn five eliminations with your alternate fire as Sojourn.
  • One-Two Punch Rocket
    • Punch an enemy after leaping into them with Seismic Slam in five games as Doomfist.
  • Trigger Discipline
    • Eliminate a Doomfist within five seconds after his Power Block ends in five games.
  • System-Wide Malfunction
    • Mitigate 1,000 damage output by Bastion.
  • No, No, No! Yes, Yes, Yes!
    • Use Charge to get an environmental kill without falling to your own death too as Reinhardt.
  • In For A Shock
    • Deal 1,000 damage with your secondary fire as Winston.
  • Never Skip Leg Day
    • Get an environmental kill with Snap Kick as Zenyatta.
  • Devine Protection
    • Stay alive for five seconds after being cleansed by Kiriko’s Protection Suzu.
  • Denied!
    • Earn an elimination/assist on an enemy Sojourn during her ultimate.
  • Ancestral Empowerment
    • Earn five eliminations while buffed by Kiriko’s ultimate
  • Cease Your Resistance
    • Earn five eliminations on enemies affected by any of Orisa’s abilities or ultimate. 500
  • High Roller
    • Earn five eliminations from the balcony of Maison Borsa on Circuit Royal.
  • Te Salutant
    • Earn five eliminations while listening to the cheers of the masses in Colosseo.
  • Big Apple Aspirations
    • Win three games in Midtown.
  • Concrete Jungle Playground
    • Earn five eliminations from above the Midtown Tunnel on Midtown.
  • Double-Double
    • Earn five eliminations in or from Hotel Montebianco or the Memorial Library on New Queen Street.
  • Hometown Advantage
    • Earn five eliminations from the neighborhood rooftops in Paraiso.
  • As The Queen Commands
    • Earn five eliminations while buffed by Junker Queen’s Commanding Shout.
  • Hacksecution
    • Get five eliminations on heroes highlighted by Sombra’s hack.
  • Javelin Mastery
    • Pin five enemies into a wall with Energy Javelin as Orisa.
  • All Hail the Queen
    • Earn five eliminations on heroes while they are affected by Junker Queen’s ultimate.
  • Disruptive Behavior
    • Earn five eliminations on heroes slowed by Sojourn’s Disruptor shot.
  • I Make My Own Fate
    • Escape Orisa’s ultimate.
  • Finish Them!!
    • Eliminate an enemy hero immediately after they’ve been punched into a wall by Doomfist.
  • Tankbuster
    • Break a barrier five times while in Configuration: Assault as Bastion.
  • Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, and Ultimates
    • Eliminate three enemies damaged by Bastion’s ultimate.
  • Hook, Line, and Sinker
    • Hook an enemy during your ultimate as Roadhog.
  • Wombo Combo
    • Eliminate three enemies with both Shield Bash and Whip Flail as Brigitte.

Season One: Open Queue Competitor Win seven games in Competitive Play’s Open Queue.
Season One: Role Queue Competitor Win seven games in Competitive Play’s Role Queue.
Season One: Amateur Competitor Win 20 games in any Competitive mode.
Season One: Experienced Competitor Win 50 games in any Competitive mode.
Season One: Veteran Competitor Win 100 games in any Competitive mode.

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