Overwatch 2 has now released worldwide, and Blizzard's latest entry into the series has improved in all aspects compared to it's original release.

Competitive, is all about choosing the right heroes to find the perfect fit for your playstyle, and one of the heroes you should check out is Soldier 76.

Here's how you'll be able to master one of the most iconic damage characters in Soldier 76!

Overwatch 2: Soldier 76 Guide (Tips And Tricks)

General Tips and Tricks

Soldier 76 is one of the most iconic heroes within Overwatch, and it's largely due to the stellar kit that the hero offers for damage players.

Some of the most basic tips and tricks we can advise, is to constantly be firing at the enemies, espicially their tank and healers. You're able to back up when you need to and deploy your healing pack when needed.

The weapons recoil has increased drastically, so it may be a bit wonky for players to control, but in general, it just goes up!


In terms of other heroes, we'd have to go with the following to counter Soldier 76.

  • Junkrat
  • Cassidy
  • Ashe
  • Windowaker
  • Genji
  • Roadhog
  • Reinhardt

Heroes Solider 76 Counters

  • Torbjorn
  • Pharah
  • Tracer
  • Mercy
  • Lucio

Keyboard and Mouse settings

Since playing Soldier 76 is similar to playing Call of Duty in way, by this we mean the way you'll be sprinting around the map to find the optimal position to shoot heads!

In terms of mouse and keyboard settings, you're going to want to increase your sensitivity a little bit, as you'll be flicking back and forth between enemies pushing the point.

As for keybinds, ensure you have quick access to your abilities, such as Mouse Button 4 or Q, and there's no better hardware to use then our Roccat TKL Pro or our Roccat Burst Pro Air.